Quality is our business! Find out more about our range of services, which include labour leasing, personnel procurement, and on-site management.
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Labour leasing & Contract for work and services

We support businesses cross-industry during staff shortages in line with their needs. We are the right partner for you in solving personnel decisions.
We successfully turn your vision for personnel projects into reality.

Personnel Procurement

We create a qualification profile of your ideal candidate through an analysis of requirements.
We take care of:

  • Advertising
  • Candidate recruiting
  • Pre-selection

Free of charge for you, of course.


On-site Management

The personnel service provider takes over the entire management of temporary staff on site and thus provides significant time efficiency for admin works.
Strategic control and monitoring remain with the client.
A special type is the master-vendor-model, i.e. the involvement of several personnel service providers in the procurement of qualified staff.